*Want a preview of what
Lone Star is all about?
here for some video footage
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Lone Star National Finals information is up on the
Shelbyville, TN page.  Go to our schedule page and click on
Shelbyville, TN to find out all the information.

Our 2018 Schedule is up! Check out our winter run. We will have
more information coming as it gets closer so check back with us!  
Didn't get any apparel while you were at the show?
Check us out
here for items!

Standings are Final. Please check them out. Congratulations to all of
our Finalists we will take the top 10 to our Finals in Shelbyville, TN
February 2 & 3, 2018. If you are 11-15 don't forget to call in as we will
roll down to fill those 10 spots if the Top 10 do not call! Thank you to
all of the contestants this year who have supported our Great
American Tour!

For pictures of Lone Star Rodeo go to Kenny
Stone's website
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